80g’s stories


2 Responses to “80g’s stories”

  1. είναι απίστευτη κομματάρα..
    γεια σου atg 🙂

  2. archive latremenoi ti na leme twra 😉
    kali sou mera el

    archive-nothing else

    My angel clipped wings I know
    Wonders in darkness on grimey ground
    In a forest unclean unsound
    Everything everythings gone wild
    Make land for the cows to graze
    Leaflets scatter around to advertise sell out

    A swamp in it hands stretched out
    To catch a passing dime
    Donations to the rich widened
    Pavements for the poor
    Somewhere else to lie
    But my friend the carriage door
    Stands slightly ajar
    And I know clipped wings make uneasy flight
    But weve got to reach

    Chorus :

    A place where the feast never ends
    A moment when the music celebrates
    And a time when darkness belongs
    To night skies and nothing else
    Nothing else -no-

    Tomorrow my spirit seen
    Fears today my mind
    Soul aches so deep
    Always craves my body to reach

    ( repeat chorus )

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